Eastern Hercules Beetle (Dynastes tityus) L3 larva.

Instar: L3 larva

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Eastern Hercules Beetle (Dynastes tityus) larva. Comes in 16 oz container filled with substrate.⠀⠀

Egg -> L1 Stage Larva -> L2 Stage Larva -> L3 Stage Larva -> Pupa -> Adults
1. Whole process once it is hatched from egg usually takes about 15 months and span of L3 is the longest among all 3 larval stages. Age of mature L2 larva might be 3~4 month old and need to be bred for another 7~11 months to become pupa.
2. Substrate is consist of Hard wood, protein and etc. and provides essential ingredients for metamorphosis. 16 oz. that it come with larva kit would last about 1~2 month for L2 larva until you found lots of frass on the surface. L3 larva needs to be moved to at least quart size container and replaced with new substrate once in about 2~4 months depending on the growth of it.
3. Adult can be fed both with Beetle jelly or fruits but preferred to be provided with jelly due to mites.