Our Business

USBEETLES INC is registered in Texas for Beetle Sales to customers who breed Beetles as pets. Our main goal is breeding native species in US that are not classified as pests to distribute them to rapidly growing population of Beetle enthusiasts and Naturalists. We are also trying with all means to introduce Beetle Breeding as a legal hobby obtaining necessary licenses & permits as needed through our legal partnership. Dealing strictly domestic species only to US residents is one of the key policy from the establishment of the company.


We also explore various habitats and collect healthy wild specimens to maintain the best traits at all times. We are being alert to the threat on their habitats by closely monitoring them over the years and release them back to their habitats mean to recover if necessary. We are giving a lot of time and effort on research & development for core breeding materials and techniques in order to make it easy to anyone who wants to start a new hobby. Our products are currently being aligned to provide experience from larval stage to adult when the most dramatic changes take place for the life of the Beetles.


It is just a beginning, and we have much greater visions and plans to fulfill. Thus, our journey must continue;


- Explore the habitats of the Beetles 
- Feel the time of the Beetles
- Attract the beauty of the Beetles